Thursday, May 6, 2010

Electrical Stuff

We just got the new electrical service put in. This is the outside box and meter, the meter was put in a few days ago by the power company. We put in a 200 amp service, which should be enough for us.

The box inside that holds the circuit breakers. The first thing put into our utility room. Because we have to cram so much in this room, the circuit breaker box had to be put on this wall 4 feet from where the electrical wire comes into the house. Code says that we have to put a shut off outside because it is SO FAR WAY FROM WHERE IT COMES IN TO THE HOUSE. I guess they have that for a reason, safety first.

Our first official plug which is in the utility room.

Where some of the fixtures will go, here we will have an overhead light and CO2/Smoke alarm.

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  1. You are well on your way! I hope that you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your progress. My husband and I love your house!