Friday, September 17, 2010

Garage Foundation and Slab Finished

The foundation has been all back filled and processed stone has been added and compacted.

Three holes are left, the big one on the left is on the concrete footing that was poured to hold up a beam that will be in the garage so now there is solid concrete all the way to the footing. The two on the right(one just on the edge of the photo) is to hold lally columns that will protect the oil tank from being driven into.

All set for the slab to be poured. They put plastic down just in case we wanted to finish the garage to live in and the wire is to keep the concrete from cracking. Also, plastic coated copper tubing is set in the concrete for the oil tank. Plastic coating is necessary because the concrete will eat away a unprotected copper.

The "protector columns" are being set.

The slab is half poured and being spread and smoothed out.

The foundation and slab is finished.

In addition, we had extra stone put on the driveway and top soil added around so we can plant grass. Quite a difference from when it started.

I will say the crew did an awesome job with the foundation. If anyone in the area needs concrete work I would highly recommend these guys.

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