Sunday, December 19, 2010

Work on the Garage Continues

Work is continuing on the garage. The plywood is all on the outside of the garage and is covered with Tyvek. You can see Tony adding siding, that my wife and I pre-painted, on the side of the house. It was a bit brisk that day, about 9 degrees when I took this photo.

The other side of the garage, with a good view of what will be our screened porch. Hopefully, the siding on the house will be done before we get more snow. Luckily, the forcasted big storm we were supposed to get Sunday night and Monday has moved South and just missed us.

These are the stairs to the storage area above the garage.

This is the storage area. This is basically our attic since there is no easy access above the second floor ceiling...and no floor. I think this will give us plenty of storage; it is about 24' x 33'. Plus, my wife doesn't allow me to have any "crap".

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