Thursday, February 10, 2011

Car in Garage

After digging our cars out of the snow every storm, and there has been a lot, we finally were able to park our cars in the garage. Work on the garage is still continuing but at least the cars are out of the weather.

Our friends and family may have noticed that we have a new car. Our old Jetta TDI has been retired; we donated it to the Good News Garage after driving it for over 276,000 miles. Last time we were up in Vermont it died and we needed to get a ride home. After that,we decided it was time to let it go. The Good News Garage will either fix it, it was still running good, and give it to a person who needs a car or sell it for parts. I wanted to keep it until 300k miles, if we did not have a new car we would have fixed it.

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