Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adding Sub Floor to Floor Repair

After Tony(the carpenter) fixed the floor joists he added the sub flooring you see here; this is in the back of the building.

In the front of the building the floor is just missing. This photo shows what is below the floor, just a crawl space. Remember, this was a church, not a house. The white pipe on the right goes to the septic tank, this will be hooked up in the future.

This photo was taken after the joists were replaced (sorry I did not have my camera when that was being done(note to self:always take your camera)). And if you are wondering how the septic will be hooked up with the floor being installed, Tony left off a piece of sub flooring(not in photo) and will make a trap door for access.

An additional note, the joists you see above are going to be removed as well as the studs to the left. We are going to leave the beam and enough of the studs to safely hold it up or we may add posts to do that. The beam will be for decoration and will not hold any load. This area will be part of our Greatroom.

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