Monday, February 1, 2010

The Well

This was the well before we bought the house. It is just a hand dug well, I'm guessing it is about 10 feet deep. It was covered by a piece of plywood and set into the foundation.

Here is a photo of the inside of the well.

Before we bought the house we decided to have a well drilled, we figured that we would rather spend a few thousand to determine if we could get potable water than buy a house and find out that we could not get water. The land is small and with the septic being in the front(the well must be 75 feet way)we only had one small spot to drill.

You can see here the process of drilling. The red house next door had to drill 500 feet to get enough water, we hoped for better. It turns out we had to drill 300 feet and got 2 gallons per minute. That was enough for our needs and meets code. The water fills up about 280 feet of the shaft(about 400 gallons) so we have that much to use before we have to rely on the 2 gallons per minute.

The new well before we have to pump hooked up.

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  1. Hi Bill. Good to see you're back. It's pretty neat seeing how they did your well. I bet it's exciting as things move forward. :) I look forward to seeing this all take shape.