Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plumbing and Start of Outside Trim

Things have been extreamly slow the last week, little to none has been done. But, yesterday things started happening. Tony started trimming out the windows, see below, and the plumbing will be complete today.

This is the configuration that we are going to use around the windows. In between the boards will be a plywood that can be exposed to the weather.

This is the tubing that is being used for the water pipes. A nice feature is the red for hot and blue for cold.

Some tubing that is in the first floor ceiling.

The hookup for the tub and shower.

Hookup for the washer.

Ice maker hookup, this is important because my wife is a iced tea addict.

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  1. Love the color coding! Whoever came up with that idea probably made a fortune... :-)