Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Small Things

We were away for four days and a lot of small details were done in that time. This is not so small but most of the trim was added around the windows, more to come. Also, the area where the door and fire escape were, was patched with clapboards.

The area at the tops of the corner columns was added with a simple overlapped board. It is fitting with the trim that is around the windows; not too fancy.

A compressor hose was added all the way across the building; from the left side... the mechanical room.

The plumbing vent pipe was finished; it now goes through the roof.

Additional duct work was added to the upstairs bathroom wall.

The grey pipe you see contains wires that will eventually go to the garage when built.

We asked for an outlet to be put in the floor of the Greatroom in case we want lamps or something in the middle of the room.

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