Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boo Boo

I had gone fishing(in Alaska) so I had not posted anything for a while. But, not much had been going on, at least not very evident. Last Friday the building inspector came and most things passed with flying colors. There were a few minor problems that were fixed that afternoon. One problem that is taking a longer is this beam. The plumber got a little over zealous and cut a bit too deep into the joist. The inspector is making us contact an engineer to tell us how to correct this problem. We are waiting to hear back so we can do whatever he tells us to do.

Another thing we had to do, unrelated to the inspector, is spray for carpenter ants. Our carpenter, not to be confused with the ant kind, found some on the beams.

I have some exciting news, they are going to start insulating tomorrow. Finally some work that really shows the work being done.

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