Sunday, January 17, 2010


You might have been wondering about the tarp on the ceiling. No it is not to protect the floor from water, the roof is new, it is to catch guano(bat poop). Yes, we have a bat problem. I am hoping that the bats flew south for the winter, just kidding. Bats hibernate in the winter and I hope they went with some of their friends to a cave to hang out, but I doubt it. Hopefully the building will be buttoned up by the time they awaken and we can put in bat tubes, devises that allow the bats to leave but not come back.

Close-up of guano(bat poop).

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  1. Hi there. First of all, I'm excited to watch this new project...both my husband and I love your photos, so this should be great! Secondly, I have no idea how to delete the second box above, where it shows my name but not my photo! I'll keep trying to figure it out. :)