Thursday, April 22, 2010

All Windows are In

Finally, all 22 windows have been installed. The front windows were the last to be put in and I guess they were the hardest because there were never windows in the front of the building. All the vinyl siding has been taken off the building, except for the soffit area. You can see in the triangle up top where there is boards to nail the siding to. There is a gap around that triangle, were are thinking of putting a louver in the gap and using it as attic ventilation, along with normal vents in the back of the building.

A view of the windows on the front and lawn side of the building.

The front of the building before the windows were installed; with just the framing.

A view of the windows from the inside.


  1. It's looking great Bill! Have you met your neighbors Yet?

  2. Hi Bill. I haven't seen your photos in awhile...the place looks beautiful! We're jealous over here at our house!

  3. Helen - Yes we did meet the young couple next door but they will be moving shortly because they have a child and only one bedroom. They rent so the owner will be moving in(we bought the house from the owner of that building).