Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There Baaaccckkkk

The bats are back in town! We were hoping that they would find a new place to hang out but here they are. We have not seen that many two or three at a time but who knows where they might be hiding.

We have to wait until the house is sealed up to get rid of the bats. Once sealed we can install "Bat Tubes" a device that allows them to go out but not come back in.


  1. Bat tubes are great from what I hear.

    We live in town on the side of a hill and I have noticed that they are back in a barn down the hill from us. At night, they come out and flap about until they get their bearings. I doubt that the barn owners even know they are there.

  2. Bill, did you see in the Courant this week that the state DEP is trying to track bats as they come out of hibernation?,0,4482002.story
    Sorry they're in your "new" house, but so glad to see some of the little critters around and okay!!

  3. Thanks Julie,

    I did send a message to the person listed in the article.

  4. There are many ways to get rid of the bats, and one of the most effective is the bat tube. Bat tubes allow bats to come out of the tube but never the other way around. By the way, are there still bats coming in your house, Bill? I hope the hole has been properly sealed now. :)

    Selena Slough

  5. That’s smart to go for the top way of getting rid of bats. Even if bats are reliable when it comes to moderating insect population, it is not a good thing that they were hanging in a place other than their natural environment. I hope you haven’t had the same problem ‘til now. But in case the bat tubes failed you, you could try a bat house. It doesn’t necessarily keep them away, but at least they would have a place to stay without causing damage to your house. ;) Mirta Lu