Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boiler, Air Handler, and Super Store

This week the Boiler and Air Handler are being installed. On the right is the Boiler, now I always called one of these things a furnace, there is a difference. A Boiler boils water and passes it out to heat something,a furnace heats air and that is blown around. On the left is the Air Handler, the hot water from the boiler is passed through coils in the air handler and that heats air which is then blown around the house. The same thing will happen with the compressor(not installed yet) where chilled water is passed through the coils.

This is the Super Store, a basically a hot water tank. The water in the boiler is passed through coils in the tank heating water which is used for washing etc.

You may have noticed the Super Store is upstairs as will be the water tank. It was decided that there was just not enough room in the Mechanical Room so something had to move upstairs. We did not know what size these things would be before we built the room.

After work for the last three days we have been scraping boards getting them ready for Tony to lay down in the next few days. He is also bringing in some help to finish the scraping and finish the flooring. We ordered some "special" flooring for the bathroom attached to our bedroom; you will have to wait and see what it is.

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