Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flooring Continues

Flooring continues, it is taking longer than expected but we are making progress. Part of the problem is these boards were originally upstairs in the Grange Hall and each needs to have the dirt and finish scraped from the sides to make sure they fit well,the scraping will continuing this week. Our carpenter has a previous engagement this week so he will be away at least until Friday. This is the view from the Greatroom into the kitchen.

One view of the Greatroom, three quarters of the room is done.

Another view of the Greatroom.

Saturday the plumber put the well pump in, this is the new well cap.

This week the contractors will be finishing their work. Hopefully, the furnace, super-store(hot water tank), air handler, air conditioner, all electrical(switches, plugs, lights, exhaust fans, etc. Some of the plumbing will be added this week but I think we need to put in the bathroom floors first before the toilets.

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