Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back Wall Almost Done

Work is continuing on sheeting the back wall. One more day of work and I think that should be it.

The siding is being removed to allow the windows to be installed. As you can see, there were large windows on the side of the building, it is my guess that they were removed when the church was converted to the Grange. There will be two windows in each of these areas, one over the other. We are still deciding what to do with the space between the two windows; once in we will decide. We think we will put a flat panel between the top of the bottom window and the bottom of the top window. We will make the final decision once we have the windows in. It looks like we will not be putting on vinyl siding but scraping and painting the wood siding.

Unfortunately, vinyl siding hides the problem areas such as rot. Here is a little that will need some work.

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