Sunday, March 21, 2010

Porch and Pantry

Some of the framing for the pantry was done last week, the front needs to be added; it will have no door, just an opening in the front. The area where the sledge hammer with the yellow handle is, will be where the refrigerator will go.

Work is being done on the outside also, most of the siding has been removed. The overhang over the porch has been removed and today my wife and I removed the ramp from the porch. The ramp was in the way of where a trench will be dug for the pipe from the well to the house. In Connecticut, it's a law that you must call, "Call Before You Dig" a service that coordinates with the utility companies to make sure that you are not digging where a power or gas line is buried. It does not make any difference where you are digging, even if it were in the middle of a field or a dirt road, you must call. It also doesn't make a difference how deep you dig. They should be out Monday or Tuesday.

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