Thursday, March 18, 2010

Siding Coming Off - Rooms Being Laid Out

They really got busy tearing off the siding. This is the front and the wood is looking real good. As far as I can tell the vinyl siding was put on in the 70's. Luckily, the siding was in good shape when they covered it up.

This is one of the sides which is almost all stripped of siding. You can see above the windows there was once dentil molding, unfortunately it was removed when they put on the siding. Also, the staining which is very evident on this side is from guano(bat droppings). There is some repair that needs to be done but overall it is not in bad shape.

The rooms have been laid out and tomorrow the walls will be put up...hopefully finished by tomorrow. The two squares on the back wall to the left are bathrooms, in the far corner is a closet, the broom is where the refrigerator is, just behind is another closet, beside those, in the foreground is a big pantry, and in the back, is the bedroom, where the saw is. I was standing in the kitchen area when I took this photo.

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