Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Start of Back Wall Sheeting

The back wall on the second floor is almost completed; just a few final touches.

Sheeting is replacing the tarp on the back of the building. By tomorrow the wall will be completely sheeted with plywood.

Tony let us know yesterday that he needed the holes patched in the chimney. These holes were for stoves and the old furnace. I guess he thought it prudent to patch he holes before he closed it up in the wall...go figure. Luckily, we called a company in Torrington, CT who came right out. Before they patched the hole they inspected the chimney and found the clay liner had some cracks, so they put a stainless steel replacement liner into the clay liner as well as patching the holes and installing a clean-out. A cost that we did not count on but it is much better than causing a fire down the first.

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