Monday, March 8, 2010

Framing Continues

Last week was very productive for our builder. The front wall on the second floor has been framed out. This wall is 12 feet high and faces the greatroom. This will be closed off until phase three of our project; the second floor will just be the attic until we finish it off. The slot in the floor will house a 4 foot wide stairway to the second floor. Our current stairway is 25 inches wide with a 90 degree turn on the bottom, as you can imagine, it is very difficult to bring up furniture; we did not want that to be the case in the new house.

This is the back wall which has also been framed out, this week it will be sheeted with plywood.

Another photo of "under the tarp", there are some great beams under there. We are leaning toward leaving the existing flat ceiling. looking up 21 feet might be high enough.

There is no sign of the bats that are supposed to live in the peaks of the building, either the are hibernating in some distant corner or another building maybe moved to a local cave with other bats. There is a chance they died of "white nose syndrome", I talked with the former owner and he said he did see some bats with this malady. Just in case, the carpentry crew put a couple of these Riddex Pest Control devises. I don't know if they work but the guys want all their bases covered.

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