Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wood for the Dumpster

When we bought the building it was full of wood that was saved by the former owner. We thought that we could you most of it in construction but on further review, most was unusable for our needs. So, here it is all stacked up ready to be taken to the dump.

Here is a neatly piled stack of wood as I said above it is unusable for what we needed it for. These boards were cracked or broken, not something I would want exposed in my house.

This is one full dumpster, it took us about eight hours to neatly stack all of that wood into this dumpster. If we just threw it in it would have never fit, also you cannot go over the rim. There is a minimum charge for a dumpster, they charge you for four tons, and if it goes over they charge for the extra tonnage. I would rather pay for an extra ton than be charged the minimum. But, we will need another dumpster for all the siding that is coming off, and will most likely fill that.

Here it is, we got it all to fit with nothing over the top.

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  1. Wow, what an exciting project Bill! You guys sure are ambitious.